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PROPHETIC JUSTICE, The Destruction of the Spiritual Kingdom of Bishop-King Louis H. Narcisse

Prevent the rise of a "messiah" who could unify, and electrify…” FBI-Cointelpro Program, February 29, 1968

Through a secret program called the Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO), there was a concerted effort to subvert the will of the people to avoid the rise "of a black Messiah" that would mobilize the African-American community into a meaningful political, spiritual and religious force.

From December 1963 until his death in 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr. was the target of an intensive campaign by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to "neutralize" him as an effective civil rights leader. In the words of the man in charge of the FBI's "war" against Dr. King: No holds were barred: “We have used [similar] techniques against Soviet agents. [The same methods were] brought home against any organization against which we were targeted. We did not differentiate. This is a rough, tough business.”

Mount Zion Spiritual Temple in West Oakland was founded by a remarkable man and extraordinary gospel vocalist and musician, the Late Bishop-King Louis H. Narcisse. He was born Louis Herbert Narcisse on April 27, 1921 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was the youngest son of Stella and Jesse Narcisse. His father, Jesse passed before his birth. The youngest of four siblings, King Narcisse came from a deeply religious family. At an early age, young Louis knew that he had been touched by the hand of God. King Narcisse was called into the ministry in the summer of 1939.

The Lord spoke to him in 1943, saying go to California and establish a temple and help my people. The Lord brought a young Louis H. Narcisse to settle in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area. Good paying jobs brought thousands of black people West during the war including my father who settled in Oakland in 1939 or 1940.

From 1940 to 1945, the Oakland Black population grew from less than 3 percent to 12.4 percent. 1945 marked the end of the Great War with Nazi Germany. That year Mt. Zion Spiritual Temple was founded by King Narcisse in the heart of the vibrant Black Community in West Oakland.

By 1950, San Francisco's Black population had jumped to 43,000, and the Black population in Richmond, Oakland and Vallejo had increased tenfold. With the influx of Blacks came hundreds of black writers, entertainers, sports stars, religious leaders and a vibrant and rich Black culture developed in West Oakland. Many deeply religious families that migrated west from the southern belt needed a new church home, which included my grandfather, the Late Rev. Luke Blueford, and his family that also found their home in West Oakland.

It should be no surprise that King Narcisse founded a “spiritualist” church. He was brought up around New Orleans’ perpetual wealth of Black religious experiences blending African beliefs, rituals and practices with Catholic and Protestant religions. The New Orleans "Spiritual" religion, a blend Spiritualism, Voodoo, Catholicism and Pentacostalism, is unique among African-American "Spiritual" religions in its use of "Spirit Guides" in worship service and in the forms of ritual possession that its adherents practice. Members of these churches hold two views on the birth of their religion. Some say that it is an outgrowth of Marie Laveau's Voodoo tradition in the city. Others claim that the religion began when Mother Leafy Anderson of Chicago came to the Anglophone Uptown area of New Orleans in 1920 to organize the "Eternal Life Christian Spiritualist Association." [1]

But one of the most uniquely important features of King Narcisse’s church that radically departed from other Black churches was the development of a Black Diocese, an administrative hierarchy-territorial unit administrated by a bishop. [2] It was straight out of the book from the Vatican in Rome.

Another absolutely extraordinary brilliant, innovative and revolutionary feature of King Narcisse’s church was his “Kingdom.” [3] The Church was governed by a monarchy, which included kings, queens, dukes, earls, princes and princesses, etc, straight out of the book from the Bible (Kings 1 & Kings 2) and the British Empire. Mount Zion Spiritual Temple was ruled by a spiritual king, and that’s why he was referred to by title as “His Grace” King Louis H. Narcisse.

There was something else. King Narcisse morphed most all of the Church and Kingdom’s real estate holdings into a little known and seldom used ancient ecclesiologic-legal creature called, Corporation Sole. Corporation Sole is a corporate creature generally recognized by most states of the union. It would turn out to be a master maneuver and brilliant strategy to preserve the Church and the Kingdom.

In California, Corporation Sole may be formed by the bishop, chief priest of any religious denomination or Church for the purpose of administrating and managing the affairs, and properties of the Church. [4]

Another important feature of his Church and Kingdom was its reliance on complete “self governance and self sufficiency.” King Narcisse’s dream was to establish a completely self sufficient kingdom community in the Sacramento California Valley. At the time of his death, he had land banked at least twenty or more lots for future development of the Kingdom’s self sufficient community with farms, homes, schools, churches, and hospitals. [5]

King Narcisse had been renowned for his seemingly harsh Sunday collection policies. He was known to lock the doors of the church until after midnight until suitable amounts of money were collected. As a manchild growing up in West Oakland, our clue was when the ushers started closing the aisle curtains. At that point, we all bolted out of the church.

There was something wonderfully strange and mysterious about his Sunday church services that fascinated us. It was more than the King; candles; the dark, moving spiritual music, the presence of the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongue, and shouting that lured my sister and I to the church. I can still recall my mother listening to the King's services over the radio. I can can still hear the voices and the stirring music. I was raised in and around the Black religious experiences in West Oakland. As a child, our family was in the church what seemed like endless hours in fellowship with different Churches, which should have included Mt. Zion. The Church was unique and unlike anything we had had known growing up in the Church. Our gang from Cypress Village Housing Project around 8th and Cypress Street often visited the church with me, but we were all so poor and had nothing to offer.

King Narcisse lived lavishly as a King, but I discovered that this remarkable man was taking tiles that he was receiving from his parishioners and the poor and investing in property in the name of the Kingdom and the Church. He promised, and was quietly preparing a self sufficient place, refuse and safe haven for his people in their lifetime.

At the time of his death in 1989, the Church was richly endowed with real estate holdings worth I estimate about a half billion dollars in Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico and Louisiana.

There was a dark side of the Church. As a manchild, we were warned that we should never be caught alone with King Narcisse. He would often invite West Oakland youth to ride in his classic Rolls Royce Phantom, but we also rode with the former Late 31st Governor of California Goodwin Jess Knight.

The urban legend was that King Narcisse liked boys, and the Church was a cult and den of homosexuality. My older sister and her friend were frightened away from Church by an aggressive lesbian. They were junior high school students at the time.

In 1962, the Diocese of Mt. Zion Spiritual Temple claimed two million people in the United States, Africa, France and Sweden. [6] King Narcisse’s diocese had an extremely huge following. Mt. Zion’s membership was remarkably culturally diversified which must have included gays as such as other churches. During my adolescence in West Oakland, I have never seen or experienced any inappropriate behavior regarding or surrounding Mt. Zion Spiritual Temple or King Narcisse with boys. Yet, it may have taken place. I just don’t know. However, I believe King Narcisse’s ultimate legacy will be his ecclesial organizational, financial genus and his spiritual undying love for God, and his people.

King Narcisse’s ultimate vision was that the Church live perpetually. He unselfishly laid the foundation and the groundwork for the Church to live forever as a self sufficient institutional spiritual benevolent diversified Kingdom nation and a civil-human rights platform for the benefit of our people, and that was a big problem in America.

During the early sixties, Blacks in New Orleans asserted themselves in the civil rights movement inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King and the Southern Leadership Conference and demanded the right to vote in the State of Louisiana. New Orleans’ Blacks that registered to vote suffered from a so-called “white backlash”. Hundreds of Black residents lost their jobs, and were kicked out of their homes, and off welfare rolls.

King Narcisse brought the Kingdom to New Orleans to aid his people with spiritual support, food, rent payments, and money for utility bills for those that stood up to the system, and that was a problem in America.

In San Francisco, during the massive destruction of the Historic Fillmore District Black Community during so-called 1960’s urban redevelopment, it was King Narcisse that met with George Christopher, the Mayor of San Francisco to express his people’s protest that the real purpose of redevelopment was Negro Removal from the city [7], and that was a problem in America.

In Oakland, King Narcisse helped the needy. The Church and Kingdom clothed, fed the poor and hungry, which I believe my family had been recipients. He began to understand the heroic struggle of his people expressed through Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. I believe that he aided the party’s community programs, and that was a problem in America.

Before his death, King Narcisse tried unsuccessfully to buy the radio station KDIA to reserve it for his people. For decades, KDIA was the Black Community’s radio station and access to the public airways. Monday through Saturday, it was community voices, forums, news and the rhythms, blues and beats of our nation. On Sundays, it was dedicated to the voice of our religious leaders and community, and to the spiritual music of our people. It caused a public uproar when it was discovered that the radio station was going to be sold to others silencing the Oakland-San Francisco Black Communities. To under mind King Narcisse, the radio station was subsequently sold to Bay Area Black political figures Willie Brown and Elihu Harris and then the station was quietly delivered over to others ending decades of the Black community’s access to the public airways.

On February 2, 1989, King Narcisse passed away at 67 years old at his 42 room King’s Palace mansion in Detroit, Michigan. The Kingdom had a church and large following in the city. Some members of the Church believe that King Narcisse was murdered. There are many suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, but there is no doubt as to what happened to the Kingdom of “His Grace” Louis H. Narcisse after his death.

After the passing of Great King Narcisse, there was a classic church fight revolving around the control of the Church’s Board of Trustees. The Church, Mount Zion Spiritual Temple, had been incorporated in California as a nonprofit religious corporation, but the genius of King Narcisse had shrouded the true power of the Church into truly classical enigmas of ecclesiastical dogmas, and monarchy dominion.

The reactionary racist cabal and extremely violent fascist forces knew the secret, and could only penetrate and solve the King’s great enigma to destroy the Black Kingdom was to get the King’s most inner circle to selfishly look at the trees and “miss the HEAVENLY FOREST.”

In California, the entire multi-million dollar Kingdom was placed into the hands of King Narcisse’s private secretary, Princess Lillian Roberts. Princess Roberts had been a longtime devoted follower of King Narcisse, and parishioner of the Church Kingdom, but she was limited by her extreme lack of ecclesiastic credentials, organizational skills and experience. She was patently unable to manage the affairs of a multi-million dollar and multi-layered ecclesiastical diocese and a monarchy dominion. That was the plan.

In the shadows of the death of King Narcisse in Detroit, burning of the King’s Palace and the destruction of the Kingdom in Michigan was the lurking pastor of the Church, Rev. Arthur B. Burnett, an extremely shallow individual. Upon King Narcisse’s death, the Detroit palace burned to the ground. The Church and all of the Kingdom’s real estate holdings in Michigan were under handedly illegally sold through straw men, and forged deeds.

In a bold and patently illegal more, Princess Roberts became a probate administrator of the California Probate Estate of Louis H. Narcisse and the President of the Church Board of Trustees, a bald-faced conflict of interest. With the aid and support of the who and the they, she fraudulently poured all of the Church’s charitable assets and real estate holdings into the estate under the watch of the probate court, and control of the San Francisco Law Firm of Hunter and Bovarnick. Hunter and Bovarnick had been the King’s long time legal advisers and understood the keys to the Kingdom. There in probate court they began to dismantle, sale off and illegally deeded away the Church Kingdom’s real estate holdings, piece by piece, brick by brick.

One of the loose ends and paper trails exposing their criminal enterprise to destroy the Church Kingdom of King Narcisse was the Church’s library and mediation-spiritual center at 744 Calmar in Oakland. This extremely valuable house and lot in the Oakland-Piedmont area appeared early in the probate case as a hotly contested piece of property. [8] This property was held in Narcisse’s Corporation Sole, and remained charitable property of the Church Kingdom. Under Corporation Sole, Narcisse was only the administrator of the property for the Church and the Church only. Upon Narcisse’s death, the property passes to the next King and Spiritual leader of the Church under his or her Corporation Sole. [9]

Suddenly this valuable piece of real estate just dropped from the probate case. Following the paper trail, it was fraudulently deeded over to a set of straw people, and then sold to private parties for close to a half a million dollars. The money disappeared and so did Princess Roberts and Hunter and Bovarnick’s Church opposition.

But all of these transactions by the nature of King Narcisse’s egimas had left a blatant paper trail of fraud, criminal misconduct, conflict of interest, and governmental corruption of monumental proportions.

It was a struck of pure faith that I came together again with Mount Zion Spiritual Temple at a religious and business meeting under the direction of Dr. Eddie C. Welbon.

I had been on the run in Oakland since I had been setup for I suspected an attempt against my life. I abandoned my office of 10 years to a true multiple personality disordered female that I had allowed to share my office space after she vowed to slaughter people in the building. The police had given her a gun. She had setup a scenario with the police that I had harassed and threatened her life. I had learned from a confident in my office building that the building surveillance was a silent witness that saved him from one of her false charges of harassment against him. The surveillance proved that at the times she said he was harassing her he wasn’t in the building. One evening, she became aggressive and flashed into one of her over protective vengeance personalities and left the building. I figured that she was going to get the gun that she kept in her car. As soon as she left the office, I packed up as much of my files that I could carry and bolted down the back stairs and out of the backdoor. I didn’t return to the office unless it was clear that she was gone to continue to carry away my files. Within days, the Oakland Police Department called me with charges that I had harassed and threatened her life, but I had the building surveillance system to prove that all the times that I was supposed to be harassing and threatening her I wasn’t in the building.

Among other things, I had been working on the sensitive Charles Gregory case. Charles Gregory was an Oakland prominent Black multi-genus contractor-lawyer. He was also a gifted Tuskegee educated physicist.

Charles’ plane went down like John Kennedy Jr.’s plane, straight down killing him and his wife and two children. Before his body was cold, the who and they were in his office removing computer hard drives, deeds, maps, files, telephone logs and documents. Charles Gregory was a brilliant investor, urban planner and strategist. As King Narcisse, he had land banked numerous pieces of properties in key and vital development areas in the cities of Oakland-San Leandro-Hayward. He had pioneered the concept of urban municipal infill development.

Gregory Construction Company had an exclusive Oakland city contract to infill develop about ten pieces of municipal properties. Charles had been scheduled to sign the city contract the day after he died. After his death, his city contract disappeared and the city denied even knowing Charles Gregory.

Charles had also been a U.S. Air Force reserve officer. He had preformed some type of duties for the air force at the highly secret Lancaster-Palmdale Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California. The air force also denied having any knowledge of his service. Charles also worked for the government as a nuclear physicist. The who and the they that took his plane down killing him and his family were high level governmental assassins.

But what set Charles out from others was his love for God, and his people; it was July 1990 when Charles met with Nelson Mandela then the President of the African National Congress during his celebrated visit in Oakland. Charles shared with Mandela his plans to create, manage and fund a center for a new revolutionary “Black Brain Trust” in West Oakland. The center would intensively train Black children in business finance, industry, management and development. They would then fan out across the country and the world to setup independent Black business spheres. Mandela thought it was brilliant idea, and it was a brilliant initiative, but that was a problem in America. Charles was also spearheading local Black economic empowerment projects in West Oakland. He was involved with tenants at the Acorn Project in a revolutionary project for the tenants to self own (condo) their units. He was also involved in a sensitive project for a locally owned business-housing development project at old West Oakland Clawson Elementary School.

Within two years of his historic meeting with the heroic Mandela, Charles Gregory, a prominent and true Black intelligential of enormous importance to the Black Community, World and rare shining prince of our people was dead, and most of his land development ideas, plans and projectss were now in the hands of people surrounding the City of Oakland & East Bay Asian Local Development Company.

Most of Charles’ white and black business associates, confidents and partners, particularly the white, turned multi-millionaires. They would also deny his name and existence. Now, the who and the they are trying to run Black people and his extended family out of town.

It took a great deal of courage and risk for Dr. Eddie C. Welbon to take me in and provide me with a small office working space. He had been warned but he defied them. The person who will try to restore the Kingdom of “His Grace” Bishop-King Louis H. Narcisse would have to possess a great of courage and risk life and limp.

One day, Dr. Welbon asked me to sit in on a meeting of Church parishioners that were fighting to get their Church back. I was instantly taken aback when I entered the conference room. Sitting around the conference table were some of the most wonderfully beautiful Black and justified people that I had ever seen to be a church group. They were strangely familiar. Gradually, an amazing spiritual experience began to overwhelm me. It was as if I had always known them. I reached my soul. Where have I met these people before? It was almost as if my late mother was in the room telling me, “You know them.”

It was about November 2004, it was Queen Mother Lilly Mae Jefferson, Queen of the Northern Hemisphere, Archbishop Chester Nelson, Archbishop Murphy, Bishop Betty Johnson, Countess Mario Love, Princess Baby Grace and other members of King Narcisses’ Mount Zion Spiritual Church. They were King Narcisse’s most devoted inter circle, the people of the Kingdom that never lost sight of the HEAVENLY FOREST. From that day on, I Am PRINCE.

Instantly, I flashed back to the April 12, 1968 funeral of Little Bobby Hutton at Ephesians Church of Christ in Berkeley, CA. Bobby and I had been some of the youngest members of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. I had watched him grow. Little Bobby loved the party and his ever increasing leading role in the battle for human rights, universal justice and freedom. Now we were burying him. As we marched into the church, the Great Bishop E.E. Cleveland was struck by the fact that we were so young. He bellowed something in his big bass voice like look at all of these kids. They should be in school and enjoying their youth instead of out here on the frontlines for you all. At hearing that I almost fainted, because in those moments of great sadness and grief, I had forgotten that I shouldn’t have been there burying my friend that had been shot in so many pieces that he had to be sewed back together with needle and thread. We should have been playing sports, or enjoying the sunshine laughing and talking with our families, friends, and girlfriends. At that moment, I lost my breath and almost fell to the floor. But we were the justified, we were Princes of our people, the forces that killed Little Bobby knew to strike the Princes, and you spiritually strike and weaken the very heart of our people.

“When the princes … take the lead, when the people willingly offer themselves- praise the LORD!” Judges 5:2 [10]

King Narcisse’s concept to make straight our people’s universal struggle for justice into the spiritual mysteries of the religion of our people, and then shrouded it around a sovereign kingdom was godly brilliant. We were not just kids, but PRINCES around which our people and others of conviction would have spiritually and willingly offered themselves to the struggle to see the HEAVENLY KINGDOM. [11]

It was no coincidence that Little Bobby’s slaying on April 6, 1968 came on the eve of Dr. Martin Luther King’s April 4 assassination, it is a little known fact but the late celebrated Academy Award winning actor Marlon Brandon’s visit to Oakland to meet with the Panthers was going to be on the eve of a historical event that would have shook the nation. The slaying of the King of Peace by the who and the they moved and turned the hearts of people of all races and religions all over the world. It struck and moved the hearts of the stars of Hollywood; Marlon Brandon was in Oakland as a representative of Hollywood’s biggest and most influential stars, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., etc., to offer their support to the lead of Princes and Princesses of the Panthers in the universal and spiritual battle for human rights, justice and freedom. [12]

The who and the they had to do something and do it quick, so they ambushed the Panthers, their spiritual enemies, while we had been grieving the death of the King with our people, and single-mindedly concentrating on the upcoming Free Huey Rally to lift the spirits of the people at Defremery Park in West Oakland. The rally was scheduled for the next day. They ambushed the Panthers to slander the names of Princes of the people under false charges that the Panthers attempted to kill them[13], with the intent to scare away the people of all nations from offering themselves to a justified struggle with the Princes and Princesses of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense at the lead.

The Oakland Police Officer Association slapped Brandon with a defamation lawsuit when he publicly denounced the slaying of Little Bobby as an execution. Little Bobby was unarmed and in the process of surrendering peacefully when he was killed. [14]

King Narcisse’s Mt. Zion Spiritual Temple Diocese and Kingdom Monarchy was Prophetic Justice. I am not sure what divine force brought the people of the Kingdom to Dr. Eddie C. Welbon. Faith and Fate truly must have been with them. Dr. Welbon is one of the only few, if any, among the Black Clergy with the spiritual fitness, moral courage, devout strength and prophetic vision to face and defy with conviction the powerful and immoral forces seeking to the destroy the Kingdom of the Late “His Grace” Bishop-King Louis H. Narcisse.

On April 28, 2005, the Bishops of the Diocese of Mt. Zion Spiritual Temple named and anointed Rev. Bishop Dr. Eddie C. Welbon as the successor to the throne of the Late King Narcisse and that was one of the keys to the Kingdom that was shrouded ecclesiastically, Narcisse’s Prophetic Justice. [15] This battle to defend and restore the Church and Kingdom was now justified.

In May 2005, pursuant to the Palace Rules of the Kingdom as set forth by sovereign power of the Late King Narcisse, and the sovereign authority of Bishop King Dr. Eddie C. Welbon, I was appointed and accepted the position of CHIEF JUSTICE of the Church Tribunal.

Under the sovereign powers of the King and ecclesiastic powers of the Church Kingdom, and the nonprofit laws of the State of California, all the charitable properties of the Church and Monarchy that we could discover that was unlawfully transferred to private parties and delivered into the hands of Princess Lillian Roberts and Law Firm of Hunter and Bovarnick was restored to the Church Kingdom and the Monarchy. The forces against the Church and the Kingdom began its assault.

“His Grace” King-Bishop Dr. Eddie C. Welbon was under threat of life and limb. Veiled threats against me were delivered through family members. The faces of the who and they began to take shape. One of my relatives delivering the veiled message was in the camp of former Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown, The Vatican’s Jesuit Priest.

Jerry Brown was a three-year seminary-Jesuit Novitiate trained and educated politician, and a Jesuit scholar. Brown's fourth year, he was at U.C. Berkeley and graduated a year later with a BA degree. This would strongly suggest that his studies at Jesuit Novitiate was undergraduate work and he completed the fourth year of Jesuit studies at U.C. Berkeley. Four years is generally considered the time required to become a full fledged Vatican II Jesuit Priest, a secretively foot soldier for the Pope.[16] [17]

The Oakland Black attorney real estate investor and the politically motivated Clinton Killian was a standing director of Oakland’s Planning Commission when he asserted himself as Church counsel and combined with former Church trustees to sell the Church’s parking lot from under the Monarchy that was ruled over by the sovereign powers of Bishop-King Dr. Eddie C. Welbon’s Sole Corporation, King Narcisse’s Prophetic Justice. Killian and the former trustees illegally sold and transferred the Church’s property to a friendly developer. Killian than had the developer's condo building plans approved by the planning commission. Killian was the Jesuit Priest’s political appointee to the planning commission.

Killian is also a newspaper columnist with Paul Cobb’s Post Publishing Group, which has published several unnecessary defamatory and disparaging articles about King Welbon. Gail Berkley, the author of a defamatory article about King Welbon on the front page of The Sun-Reporter [1] is Killian and Cobb’s associate at the Post. She is the daughter of the former Post owner, the Late Tom Berkeley. Paul Cobb was the Jesuit Priest’s mayoral appointee to the school board of the Oakland Unified School District in 2000. [2]

[1] See Gail Berkley’s Court Bars Controversial Preacher from Mt. Zion Spiritual Temple, Thursday May 24, 2007, at which she asserted that the issue was whether or not Narcisse’s successor, Bishop Eddie C. Welbon, was properly elected? The key is the Vatican; the Pope is never elected, but named and selected by the Bishops.

An investigator from the Office of the Alameda County District Attorney’s office paid a visit to home. I thought he was there in response to my numerous requests to the D.A. to investigate people involved in the fraud, corruption, mismanagement and theft of the Church and Monarch’s charitable properties, particularly 744 Calmar, but he came solely to intimidate me.

Bishop-King Dr. Eddie C. Welbon, Church and Kingdom became the subject of numerous investigations by the Oakland and Berkeley District Attorney, and the California Attorney General’s office.

Are we not justified as Bishops and Princes of the Church and Kingdom by King Narcisse’s visionary Prophetic Justice, and 220 years of American History? “…where a subject … purely ecclesiastical in its character- a matter over which the civil courts exercise no jurisdiction, a matter which concerns theological controversy… ecclesiastical government… becomes the subject of its action. It may be said here, also, that no jurisdiction has been conferred upon the tribunal to try the particular case before it, or that, in its judgment, it exceeds the powers conferred upon it…” Watson v. Jones (1872) 80 U.S. 679, 733

In 1952, the Supreme Court in the Kedroff (344 U.S. 94) ruling reaffirmed its pronouncement in Watson that civil courts have no authority to resolve “questions of ecclesiastical rule, custom, or law.” The Court, referring to the Watson case, observed that “the opinion radiates, however, a spirit of freedom for religious organizations, and independence from secular control or manipulation, in short, power to decide for themselves, free from state interference, matters of church government as well as those of faith and doctrine. Freedom to select the clergy … we think must not be said to have federal constitutional protection as a part of the free exercise of religion against state interference.” Significantly, the Court also observed: “There are occasions for the disposition or use of property. Even in those cases when the property right follows as an incident from decisions of the church custom or law on ecclesiastical issues, the church rule controls. This under our Constitution necessarily follows in order that there may be free exercise of religion.” Presbyterian Church v. Mary Elizabeth Blue Hull Memorial Presbyterian Church (1969) 393 U.S. 4440, 449

The Honorable Cecilia Castellanos of Alameda County Superior Court had no authority and jurisdiction to issue a secular court judgment barring Bishop-King Eddie C. Welbon from Mt. Zion Spiritual Temple, the Diocese, at the urging of the Jesuit Priest’s defender Clinton Killian; and Hunter and Bovarnick. It was Narcisse’s Prophetic Justice to shroud the Church’s Kingdom and Monarchy purely ecclesiastical in its character, and ecclesiastically hierarchical in structure.

Under Federal law which is applicable to all states, the U.S. Supreme Court stated that if a court is: "without authority, its judgments and orders are regarded as nullities. They are not voidable, but simply void; and form no bar to a recovery sought, even prior to a reversal in opposition to them. They constitute no justification; and all persons concerned in executing such judgments or sentences, are considered, in law, as trespassers." Elliot v. Piersol, 1 Pet. 328, 340, 26 U.S. 328, 340 (1828)

On June 1, 2007, The Jesuit Priest's forces, Killian, Cobb, the Law Firm of Hunter and Bovarnick were confident that Judge Castellanos was going to hold Bishop-King Dr. Eddie C. Welbon and myself and others in contempt of court for an April 28, 2007 “Special Called Business Meeting Convocation and General Election” in which King Welbon was confirmed as King Narcisse’s successor. [20] They were wrong; Judge Castellanos declined to be persuaded to exercise any further authority or jurisdiction over the matter.

Judge Castellanos February 7, 2007 judgment barring Bishop-King Eddie C. Welbon and I from the Diocese of Mt. Zion Spiritual Temple had the power of placing a million bayonets at doors of Church Kingdom, [21] but now who is going to raise the bayonets for The Jesuit Priest, Killian, Cobb, the Law Firm of Hunter and Bovarnick in violation of the U.S. Constitution and trespass against the Justified Kingdom, Monarchy, Bishop-King Welbon, and Narcisse’s visionary Prophetic Justice.


We still desperately need your help and support. Please Contact: Bishop Theo Frazier, Bishop King Dr. Eddie C. Welbon for more information and how you can help, phone (415) 504-7813 Fax (415) 504-7813 Cell (415) 999-8809 email: Globalinternational98 [at]

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[12] This was told to me by Bobby Seale when Marlon Brando first came to office on Grove (now MLK, Jr.) in Oakland. When Bobby told me this, Brando smiled in acknowledgement. It was after King’s Assassination and before the so-called Friday evening April 6, 1968 Shootout with Police.
[13] Chairman Bobby Seale apparently has a different view. See Live Journal, I was there at the office within an hour before the so-called shootout. We had dropped Little Bobby off at his house for dinner, and we were to join up later to make sure the sisters had the potatoes, and whatever was necessary for the potato salad, hotdogs, etc., for the picnic and rally. There was no ambush on the police planned that I knew of. I was there and I can attest to that. The ambush was orchestrated by agent provocateur Eldridge Cleaver, Project Chaos, and Cointelpro.
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Prince Ray, Your blog created many questions for me and allows me to answer at least a small one of yours regardin g what you call the Livermore TB Hospital. It was not that, the TB hospital was up in the hills. The hospital you picture there was called the Livermore Sanitarium and Psychiactric Hospital and it was founded by my Great Grandfather Dr John Robertson. At the time of DR. Savage, of which until reading your blog I knew nothing, my father was the director of the hospital, a rather naive but good hearted man who likes to believe in America to this day as a beacon of light, he probably knew nothing of Dr. Savage's work (or so I choose to believe) and was easily duped by the spooks. His office was in the front of the building you picture, which was across the street from my house. I was three years old in 1960 and have always been highly suspicious of what went on in the hospital.
I will now question my parents about this Dr. Savage and other events as they recall them. If you have any pertinent questions remaining will be happy to help you with your ongoing investigation.
I found your site while reading Naomi Kline's Shock Doctrine book which re-ignited the questions I had of my own childhood experience.
I am a writer and have long had an outline for a novel about my childhood in the Sanitarium and now this may be the information I need to bring this horror story to light in a more universal way, a kind of Cuckoo's Nest for these times of global torture and mind control.
Any forther information or leads that you would be willing to share about the events and individuals at the Livermore Sanitarium and Psychiatric Hospital would be appreciated. You have already given me many clues to investigate, thank you.
I am a spiritual person, have studied the last four years with HH the Dalai Lama and other high lamas in India and Tibet. Before that I have been long involved on the Re d Road, adopted by several Cherokee Medicine men and practice those ways. Now I live in Oregon and Southern CA. My parents are still in the same house of my childhood, across the street from the photo of the "Hydro Building" you posted on your blog... my email is:
Namaste and Oseo,
Kevin "Tree" Tobin

KJ said...

PS and I should have said this first: My deepest condolences to the sorrow suffered by you and your family at the Livermore Sanitarium and Psychiatric Hospital those many years ago...
No one in my family would be anything but horrified and deeply saddened to know that the hospital had anything like that going on. My father was a naive administrator who had very little involvement with the actual workings of the doctors...

KJ said...

Me again--it occurs to me that there may be a confusion in the photo. I reread your tale of the children--your sisters, how tragic and again my condolences--being sequestered in the sanitarium you refer to as the TB sanitarium. At no time were there children in the Livermore Sanitarium of my childhood, but there were children in the TB sanitarium up in the hills outside of town. Perhaps this is where the outrage any case I am deeply disturbed and saddened by this and am spending a sleepless night. I will investigate...

princeray said...

Thank you for your comment. Sometimes you feel as though these things aren’t real like something out of a dream or a science fiction piece, but it was real. I finally found a reference to Dr. Savage admitting being there and just some of things that he was doing there. They are decades ahead of us. The Angel of Death, Dr. Mengele, said something like the more bizarre things that you do to a person, the more that person don’t believe it ever happened. At the TB sanitarium, I recall the doors opening to a flight of wooden stairs that spiraled up to and opening to something like a hospital ward to the right, and on the left side of the floor is where I found my sisters. I recall a building similar to the one in the photo on the blog as being the sanitarium where my sisters were. I recall a beautiful lawn that affronted the building, but I don’t recall hills. I also lived in the City of Livermore for a number of years and I cannot recall an old sanitarium being in the hills. As far as I can recollect and that was decades ago, the sanitarium was off the freeway, but I can be mistaken. I always believed that the old sanitarium sat at the site of a hospital off one of the main streets in Livermore. I would be extremely interested in finding out what you develop and where this sanitarium was actually located. You know. This is breaking new grounds in understanding what these people were doing on the frontier of the battle for control of our minds, but the question remains. Why LSD and Mescaline experiments on TB patients? Was it a setting for a perfectly isolated cohort group? Thanks again for your comment and affirmation. Prince Ray

Nerd said...

"Sometimes you feel as though these things aren’t real like something out of a dream or a science fiction piece"
That is called psychotic delusional disorder, something your posts and beliefs suggest you suffer from.

DiDi Robert said...

Hey Nerd,

Maybe you would be a little paranoid too if even 1/3 of this crap had happened to you. Why don't you read some of the declassified documents on MKULTRA before you start diagnosing people.

dawnatilla said...

Prince Ray it is an honor to have you here...thank you for your input and out reach...

your biggest fan...Dawnatilla!!

patricia said...

Prince, I have read this and another of your articles with great interest. I am very sorry to hear what you and your family went through. Nobody deserves to have been treated like that.

Thank you for having done such excellent research and for sharing it with us all. I am sorry that your inquiry led you to such a dark story, but it is good to know what we are up against, rather than to imagine that "things just happen". "Things happen" very intentionally - and often to our detriment. I too am a questioner, a string-puller and a connect-the-dots kind of person.

As a hypnotherapist, I have met several people who were raised within a group that pretty much runs the world (usually runaways). Their families have been satanically abused - with what we now call "trauma-based mind control" - for generations. They have had their human compassion and human wisdom driven out of them by torture - physical, mental and emotional - turned into psychopaths, yes, manchurian candidates. The 'bosses' see us all as 'animals', 'cattle', as toys for their own amusement or to gain points with their 'god', Lucifer or Satan. All of mankind has a common enemy and it is those who follow the "god of fear and loathing" - not the God that is Love. They have made this beautiful planet into a hell, and its beautiful inhabitants into fearful creatures who have forgotten who and what they truly are - all by their destructive, demonic design.

Below is a quote from Kerth Barker's book on Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism - that will give you a feel for how "evolved" the leaders of the world really are and what they put people through for their own purposes. They readily discard people as we would facial tissues.

Kerth had a "Nazi nanny" (trainer) who was imported from Germany under Operation Paperclip - Shotzy - and she applied what she learned in her CIA training on him. After 50 years, he has only just begun to remember and tell his story. He has an amazing story to tell about a Satanic ritual held a few weeks before JFK's execution. And the system that abused him then is still going at it. "Where have all the children gone... long time passing..." At any rate, Kerth wrote:

"The MK Ultra mind control program organized by the CIA was really an Illuminati experiment. MK Ultra’s real purpose was to take traditional Satanism and turn it into a scientific method. So it’s really the science of Satanic Ritual Abuse. This is trauma-based mind control. A person is traumatized with torture, drugs and sensory deprivation to the point of becoming disassociated. The victim disconnects from his or her natural personality and develops a new one. It’s as if the victim has become possessed by a demon. And one might argue that demon possession is what’s really going on. This new personality is controlled by the programmer. So ultimately, victims can be brainwashed into doing things which go against their natural values. That might include cannibalism or blood drinking."

May I quote your articles on my blog and maybe even put them into book form for you? It's time the people of this world understood what is going on. The people are being pitted against one another, but the real enemy is at the very top of the pyramid.

empressfreedom Cook said...

Freedom cook daughter of PAUL Cook thank you for your information, people do and don't overstand the seriousness of this Government cyclone

empressfreedom Cook said...

Freedom cook daughter of PAUL Cook thank you for your information, people do and don't overstand the seriousness of this Government cyclone